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Sikarproperties.com, is one of your rental/Buy/Sale property solution. It is established by Pramod Kumar.
Students and tenants who are relocating to another city, needed just more than a rented house.
We understand, that students always look for a place to call their own. Soon, we will be fastest
growing real estate platform. Sikar Properties is exclusively designed for tenants to make their
search easy with this innovative interface. 100% verified listings are just few clicks away.
Sikarproperties.com, is a part of 360 Degree Counselling. We will help you, counsel and make yiu
find the perfect stay. We embrace and cherish memories as much as you all do. So, our main
aim will be partnering our tenants, clients from the beginning, to get the stay according to their
wish. Relocating to another city and getting homely atmosphere is much more than a online
search nowadays! With enhancing social media interaction and communication, we all have
become more acquainted of our choices. So, making our platform in forefront, we will help or
students from the beginning to the end. After all, its our duty that no city should give you chills to
the spine.
Here, tenants will have choices to set their budget and preferences to get their type of living
environment. Why you should choose us? We, as a digital platform for real estate will make
everything accessible. Providing affordable housing and safety measures are intuitively done by
At times, we will be at the front foot or as a decider for tenants comfort stay rather than just
cater your taste. In next few years, we will be trusted property rental networks amongst all. From
PG to room to entire house, we have it all in the baggage. Our team puts best effort to provide
with all services from move in to move out in a sikar city. Also, free your mind from brain
storming on site visits, rigorous paper work, fake listings, unnecessary brokerage. Sikar
Properties team is specialized in eradicating all sought of hassles. Our sole vision is to deliver
you with experiences which will be trustworthy. Not just this, we value our shareholders as much
as we value our clients. From renting to leasing to financing, we do it all. With our presence,
tenant will be able to find the stay in an effortless manner.

Our Vision : To provide all the basic facilities and counseling to the students/ tenants.
Searching a place to live in with your own comfort.

Our Mission: Making Sikarproperties.com a seamless property search portal for all the
students. Providing 100% genuine listing.

What makes us stand out from any other property rental portal?

As mentioned above, our portal is easily accessible. Free Counseling for students from move in,
relocating to a new city to their move out! We will be handling all the briefings. Listings to
Rentals all will be done under our supervision. Tenants just need to set their preference and get
ready for their move in’s. Its always a delight for us to make joyful memory with our clients.